What to get the writer in your life

What to get the writer who has everything? Books are risky, as we’ve already read everything and more beside. Hobbies? Don’t be silly, we don’t have any, we are too busy staring out the window and frowning. So, if you’re stuck, here’s my last-minute gift ideas for the scribbler in your life.

-Stationery. You can never have too many pens, pretty notebooks, or post-its. Though I am very particular about the line height in my notebooks and have been known to spend up to twenty minutes looking…

-Just not talking to us for an hour. Christmas can be fraught for the introverts among us, with familial bliss battering down the door every five seconds. If we seem grouchy, just give us the blessed gift of silence for a while. Feign sleep if you need to.

-Mugs. We tend to drink a lot of beverages. I’ve just spotted one with a built-in compartment to hold biscuits, which I need to get, but any are good. Those massive ones are fun. I also like the Penguin ones, because I am a special snowflake, and any with quotes on like ‘go away I’m writing’. See above.

-Reviews! I think this may be what writers crave most. A lot of the time it feels like your work goes out into the void, so when someone takes the time to review – even if they say ‘OK, 1 star’ – it feels like they reached out and touched your hand. Sometimes with 1 stars this is in the creepy manner of someone on the tube… If you like a writer, drop them a review this Christmas and they will love you forever.

-USB-powered heated mittens. I used to have a pair of these and they were awesome for cold hands, although did develop a suspicious burning smell after five minutes of use. If someone could invent a non-hazardous pair….

-Book tokens! I miss having those, it was the most fun I had as a child. In my defence, I grew up in rural Ireland where the library budget was all going to pay for bomb defusal squads and that.

-A soothing pat on the pack. We are anxious types on the whole. Give us tea, tell us it will be alright, then go away for an hour.

Have a lovely end to the year!



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