The Silent Dead

Silent Dead TPB.inddToday I have a book out. When my first book came out, in 2012, it was one of the most exciting days of my life. Today will be a largely normal day, except for that I hope people will be able to start reading The Silent Dead. I think there’s some essential part of being human that means you can get used to anything!

The Silent Dead is the third Paula Maguire book. It picks up four months after The Dead Ground, and sees Paula still looking for her long-missing mother, still embroiled in a difficult love triangle, and still trying to find the lost and bring them home. Only this time the missing people are brutal killers. Here’s a bit more about the story:

1 May, 2006 – a small town is shattered by a devastating bomb. 16 people die – yet the suspected bombers walk free.

2011- as the fifth anniversary approaches, the five terrorists disappear. And start turning up dead, killed in the same ways as their victims. Buried alive. Beheaded. Burned to death.

Paula Maguire, heavily pregnant and struggling, has to ask herself: does everyone deserve justice? And what does justice even mean when the victims are remorseless killers?

The third book in the Paula Maguire series sees her pushed to her limits, both at work and in her private life. Can she find the missing before it’s too late – when she’s not even sure if she should?

Next week I will be giving away free exclusive scenes from the book, and also the start of the next Paula, A Savage Hunger. This will be out in March and I’m pleased to say the cover is now available (and it’s brilliant). Proofs will be out soon – stay tuned for more next week!

PS The Silent Dead has by far the highest body-count of any book I’ve written- seven by my reckoning – so hang on to your hats. You can get a copy here. 

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