Splitting in Two

So, I’m very VERY pleased that I am going to have two books coming out this year. The next Paula Maguire, THE SILENT DEAD, will now be out in November. In the meantime, I’ve written a romantic comedy (which I promise does have real and actual jokes in) about having to start over in life.

Why did I do that? 

I’ve always been a fast writer, and much as I love crime, and I wanted to find a way to write about the things that concern me and my friends in real life – dating, jobs, love, and what on earth we’re supposed to be DOING with our lives. THE THIRTY LIST started as a bit of a memoir of what I was going through in my own life, then turned into a novel. It’s going to be published under the name Eva Woods. 

What’s it about? 

It’s about Rachel, who turns thirty and instead of having life figured out finds herself divorced, broke, and homeless, having to move in with Patrick, whose wife has left him with their young son. Together they decided to get out of their slump by writing ‘thirty lists’ – all those things you wanted to do by the time you were thirty but never got around to. Things like stand up comedy, getting a tattoo, going travelling, learning to dance, and more.  Each chapter has a different list in it (eg lists of people you meet an evening class, lists of fashions you see in trendy London bars, lists of your favourite lists and so on).

What would be on your list? 

I think everyone has these ‘life lists’. I have hundreds! I’d love to hear what’s on yours.

You can find out more about THE THIRTY LIST here. And in case you’re worried I went over to the light, here’s a short story I had on radio 4 last week, which is possibly the most creepy thing I’ve ever written.

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