How am I still standing? (More adventures-hashtag blessed)

Finally, September has come! And so I get a break. I know that’s not how it works for the rest of the world, but there you go. I rounded off August with lots of work – short story for Radio 4, article for Glamour magazine, edits of Paula Maguire 3, being on the radio for Radio Verulam – and a ten-day trip to Edinburgh, which almost broke me. (EDINBROKEN. It’s a thing). I got to hang out with lots of friends, see other friends in shows, and even perform stand-up twice myself. It was by far the most terrifying thing I have ever done and left me with this face:

Here are a selection of excellent things that happened in Edinburgh, off the top of my head. Massive thanks to my lovely friend Kate for letting me stay at hers.

1. My friend Gareth performing an impromptu burlesque dance while pretending to be in a children’s talent show

2. My friend Angela arriving and saying: ‘SHIT! I forgot to bring any aromatherapy.’

3. Watching a comedian demonstrate ‘a sexy hypotenuse’ in a wet yurt. Doesn’t sound fun, and yet….

4. Amazing shows from Thunderbards, Austentatious, Isla Dogs, Potted Sherlock, Clever Peter, Barry Ferns, the Nualas, Hannah Gadsby, my friend Ryan in ‘Sex with Animals’ and more that I’ve forgotten, plus the play ‘Lorraine and Alan’ by the very talented daughter of my friend Julia Crouch.

5. Crashing an industry party for comedy and getting home at 7am. While wearing a fleece.

6. Staging an escape from a hot attic where we were being held hostage at 2am by a ‘comedian’

7. Being rescued from the taxi queue of death and sailing home past all the other waiting people

8. Deep fried haggis. Deep fried Mars bars.

9. Being kept awake by a constant stream of ideas – I definitely believe that about the free-floating inspiration. This is nice but ow, insomnia.

10. Watching a play on a bus

11. Dancing to Proud Mary. My friend Angela shouting to my friend Sarah ‘Get ready! Get ready!’ in the slow bit. Sarah, dancing genteelly: ‘GET READY FOR WHAT???’

12. The fact I spent every day in either a pink fleece or pink anorak or both. Getting mistaken for a fifteen-year-old (unsurprising as dressed like on a Geography field trip).


13. Hanging back-yurt at the book festival with Kerry H (here with my friend Alex) and chatting to Michael Rosen over the potatoes. Struggling to the end of the festival in a post-apocalyptic exhausted hungover state. The last show the survivors saw was ’50 Shades: the Musical’.


It was amazing and I’ll be back. September is looking exciting too with a turn at Romantic Misadventures under my belt, and getting ready to start back teaching. I’ll also be doing a Guardian Masterclass in November which I’m very excited about. I hope your summers were just as thrilling but that you maybe got a bit more sleep than me….

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