Seven Things About Me

V inspiring bloggerThanks to Vic Watson for nominating me for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. In return, I’m going to tell you seven things you might not know about me.



When writing this post, I really struggled to think of seven things people might not know about me. Which is probably a sign that I tweet WAY too much. Also, I haven’t really done anything that interesting with my life, expect for read a lot of books, and then write a lot of books (most of which ended up in the Great Recycling Bin in the Sky), inbetween travelling around a bit and obsessing over boys. But here goes anyway

  1. I lived in China for a year. After university, I took myself off to live here, nursing a broken heart, several unfinished novels, and a largely useless degree that involved a lot of medieval French. I had a great time, learning to speak Chinese, doing many tequila shots, and spending a lot of time writing. When I came back I did it overland, travelling across Asia and Europe for three months. I think this also helped my writing a lot- if you’re on a train for five days you really need to fill that time.
  2. I’m morbidly afraid of sharks, but I watch everything about them. I used to be so scared of sharks I couldn’t go in the local swimming pool, because it had a mural of dolphins on the bottom of it (I know, I know, but I was six). But I’m also obsessed with them, and no matter how rubbish the film – Shark in Venice, Shark Night, Swamp Shark –if it has sharks in, I’m there. Every time I write something I think wistfully how I can shoehorn a shark-related scene into it. As my new series is set in Northern Ireland, it’s unlikely, but one of these days…..
  3. I have 23 first cousins. I’m from a large-ish Irish Catholic family and my mum is one of seven children. That’s not even very large by Irish standards, but it tends to impress and/or scare people in England.
  4. Hardly a new fact, as I tweet about him incessantly, but I have a beagle dog who spends most of his life crammed onto my knee as I try to type. This despite not even liking dogs before I got him. He has ruined my garden, my house, and all my clothes, and he once ate through the cable of my computer, but I love him
  5. According to various exes, my worst faults are ‘you swear too much’, ‘you’re too obsessed with the difference between your and you’re’ and ‘your jeans have too many holes in them’.
  6. I speak fluent French, and spent a year living there teaching small French children how to sing Shakira songs in English (Miss, Miss, what does ‘underneath your clothes’ mean?’. This put me off teaching for life, and children for a long time. One my friends caught scabies off the kids. Like, seriously.
  7. I was under-15 Connect 4 champion at my Irish summer school. Connect 4, the real sport of kings.

So there you have it, I’m a scruffy, sweary, multi-lingual shark obsessive. What’s not to like?

While you’re here, other blogs I enjoy are as follows:

This Itch of Writing – brilliant writing blog by Emma Darwin, covers most writing issues that come up

Help! I need a publisher – ditto, for publishing queries, and by Nicola Morgan

Julia Crouch – gives an interesting insight into the writing process. Julia is very good at breaking down what she actually does all day.

Steve Mosby – it doesn’t really have a theme as such, but if it did I would characterise Steve’s blog as ‘cogent arguments on the burning issues of the Twitter day’. If Twitter is the tabloid, Steve is the Times Editorial.


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  1. cath says:

    Shouldn’t it be ‘you’re jeans have too many holes in them’?

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