The Hangover

So what was it like to have the launch party? Answer: it was BRILLIANT. So many people, so much love, so much wine….It carried on to midnight and I don’t think I was the only one wincing the next day. Massive thanks to Headline and to the lovely Goldsboro Books for hosting it. (Sorry we didn’t leave until 9.30).

This picture of the steamed-up window was taken by fab writer Alex Preston, but I hope he won't mind me using it.

When I arrived at the shop, the first thing I saw was a window full of ME. ME ME ME ME ME. It was all about ME. The kind of thing you dream about.

Lots of people started arriving then – including my mum! – and it was a bizarre yet lovely mix of friends, writers, publishing types, family, and new acquaintances. I of course didn’t get to talk to everyone properly but I think I at least said hello.

Next I had to do a speech, after I was introduced by my editor Ali (to my left in the next picture). Hilariously, they had a step for us to stand on, which was good as I’m only 5’3 and I need a step to get in the high cupboards at home. I tried to remember to thank everyone and there was laughter and I’m told some tears.

Then, more wine, more mingling, more book signing (God alone knows what I wrote on them – definitely that I loved a lot of people). Finally to the pub for more drinks. The night grew blurry. I missed my last train. Next morning at 8am my mother (who’d been just as drunk as me) was texting me, bright and cheery. The woman never gets hangovers.

Thanks everyone for all your support. It really was a great night.

Chatting to some of my lovely friends and Ed from my agency, as blurriness sets in...

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