Desperately Seeking Inkstains

Bit of a weird thing, having a public profile. Yesterday I discovered my book is available for pre-order on Amazon – despite the fact it doesn’t come out for eight months and I’m still editing. Scary, scary stuff. I’ve written before about the different steps in being a writer. It hasn’t happened yet, but I imagine the moment someone actually buys your book is a special one. Or even the moment someone you don’t know or aren’t related to buys it.

Further to this, I just this week clicked on the ‘search terms’ function for WordPress, which lets you find out what people were looking for when they stumbled on your blog. This makes for amusing reading. Quite a few people were looking for my agent, for example (you’re welcome, Fran….) and a fair few for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (I didn’t think I talked about it THAT much). Others were searching for ‘life of a writer’ (hopefully they learned it is: non-glamorous, geeky, and involves wearing mittens a lot). Someone searched for ‘checks email obsessively’ – yes, guilty as charged. That is also part of being a writer. Someone for ‘have got RSI at work is it fair’ – I feel that searcher’s pain. I have near-permanent RSI; like eating too many biscuits and being a bit bonkers, it is an occupational hazard. Luckily we don’t have health and safety assessments, or we’d all fail. Someone wanted to know ‘why are writers hermits’, and I like to think this blog answers that question – because we are bonkers/obsessive/anti-social. Another wanted to find ‘best pen consistent non-leaky work’, and if they found it, well, I wish they’d let me know.

Sadly, a few people came across me while looking for ‘torrent’ copies of books I’ve mentioned, like Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. I presume this means they are looking to download it for free, and I can’t think of a title less appropriate. The book is all about opening up in your writing, generosity, the art of Zen. Nicking her work isn’t the best pay-back, is it?

So it’s odd, being out there in the public domain, while simultaneously sitting at home wrapped in cardigans and hunched over your laptop like a mad crone. I imagine as I move towards publication (eight months still!) this might increase. I’ll keep you posted.

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