Not a damn tedious waste of an evening

Some exciting things that happened at the Dylan Thomas/Sony Reader Awards in Swansea:

Andrew Davies bought me a gin and tonic and said how much he liked my book. I then quoted P & P at him – Damn tedious waste of an evening! Etc. And my mum took pictures.

Cerys Matthews did a lovely reading from Dylan Thomas and asked what my next book was about and I said something like ‘Er…there’s a woman…and she has a father….and spying! It’s sort of about spying. But it’s not a spy novel….’ Note to self, prepare ‘elevator’ pitch for future use. And my mum took pictures.

We met the lovely writers on the Dylan Thomas Prize, with their fashion-forward hair.  Note to self – don’t wear a strapless dress to a book event. Everyone cool is wearing a cardy and sensible tights. Caroline Bird and Eleanor Catton gave me advice on titles. And my mum took pictures.

Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach had a big chat with my mum about theology. She was too involved to take pictures that time.

Ceri Thomas of the Today programme said my book kept him up at night reading.

I was interviewed by MsLexia.

I had so many pictures taken my face was frozen into a rictus of fake jollity.

The nice people at Sony gave us Ereaders and some not-to-be-sneezed at prize money, coincidentally almost exactly the same amount as we had to pay out the day before to fix the steering wheel. Funnily enough, when I was a little girl I dreamed that when I earned some money from writing I’d spend it on a new steering system. That Mulberry bag will have to wait for now.

I drank too much both nights and had hangovers.

I had a bath in the middle of the day in huge bathtub while the rest of you were at work (clearly the main reason to write in the first place).

Leaving the contest and driving to Sheffield we nearly crashed three times, which has nothing to do with writing but was pretty darn scary. I have no wish to be posthumously famous. Did I mention I hate snow?

Oh and there were goody bags! And they showed a video of me looking shiny and sounding like a five-year-old. If I ever get invited to an awards ceremony again I’m calling in Gok to give me a makeover.

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  1. George Green says:

    Did you hear that people -it kept him up at night! If that isn’t blurb bookselling material I don’t know what is.

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