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I ordered some weird stuff off Play and Amazon the other day. Books about spies, Russian defectors, and child geniuses. I was worried in case it started giving me suggestions like ‘People who buy this also end up buying: MEIN KAMPF’, or ‘Often bought together: this book and a tinfoil hat’.

I also worry about some of the Google searches I do. ‘Is it possible to kill someone with a beer bottle?’ ‘How fast do you die if your carotid artery is cut?’ ‘What do people wear in prison? What happens when you visit someone in prison?’ ‘What happens when a child gets taken into care?’ These Google spies we’re always reading about must have me on their list as some kind of murdering conspiracy-theory nut with shifty criminal associations.

But no. I’m just someone trying to tell stories which may happen to take place in a areas I know absolutely nothing about (law, the police). The spies/child geniuses/Russian defectors stuff is going to be for my next book, another one that came out of a dream (which was a dream about walking through an old shut-up house on a hot day, but somehow ended up also being about the other things). I’ve written a bit of it already, but of course it may change once I get going. I’m a bit reluctant to jump in straightaway. This time it might be nice to do some research first before dashing off the book then realising one of the characters has the wrong job and a whole section has to be rewritten because you have to tell someone what they’ve been arrested for right away apparently. (The murder/legal/child in care/prison stuff was for my last book, the one that’s in the award. It was fun to do research and track down an actual expert to answer my questions. Now, where can I find a Russian defector?) I feel somewhat at a loose end until I start my new book, so I’m filling it with some short stories. I haven’t written one in years, didn’t think I could, so it’s been an interesting exercise. Now, off to Google bombs, the word for having no sense of smell, and stalking. Really, it’s all for research. Honest, it is.

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  1. Beth says:

    Is your next book actually about Fern? She is possible a child genius, a Russian defector and a spy…

    1. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone does, but no. Technically I think she is whatever the opposite ofa Russian defector is. A British defector?

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