Reviews for The Dead Ground

Reviews for The Lost

The Irish Times –

Reviews for The Fall


The Fall was reviewed on Radio 4’s Front Row, described as ‘a winner..a really good novel that just happens to be a crime novel’ by Mark Lawson and Jeff Park. (at 14.50 in)

On Australian radio

Print reviews

The Irish Echo (Australia): ‘The Fall rises to the occasion’

The Irish Times – ‘A solid debut’

The Sun Daily in Australia

From the Daily Telegraph, 17/3/2012 ‘Funny and perfectly paced, the pervading sense of “there but for the grace of God go you” chills you to the bone.’

From the Daily Mail, 17/2/2012: ‘McGowan writes utterly convincingly in three very different voices and she knows how to tell a cracking story. She will go far.’

From the Guardian, 18/2/2012: ‘The characters are finely drawn, and it’s concern for them, rather than for whodunnit, that provides the page-turning impetus in this promising debut.’

From The Mirror: ‘A cool and twisted crime debut.’

From Candis magazine: ‘You’ll be hooked from the first page, and all your friends will be queuing up to borrow it.’

From Company magazine: ‘A brilliant crime novel…gripping.’

From The Catholic Herald – ‘A refreshingly serious take on guilt and recompense.’


A few more reviews now coming in.

‘This novel is about love, relationships, violence and criminal activity, honesty and trust’

‘An amazing first book’

From Declan Burke at Crime Always Pays

‘The novel also surprises with moments of humour and precise, incisive commentary.’

‘With The Fall, McGowan assuredly delivers an excellent first novel, displaying her skill and deftness for character, and an absorbing story.’

‘I’ve never read a story like it before’

‘The narrative is intelligent and absorbing, the individual voices McGowan lends her three protagonists is impressive and distinctive.’

‘I am sure she’ll be around for many releases to come.’

‘I 100% recommend this book’

‘An excellent introduction to her writing career’ ‘This new lady of crime is going to be big.’

‘An outstanding debut’. This link has some audio which is very interesting!

‘The real achievement of the book is its strikingly variegated cast of characters, particularly some vividly realised female protagonists whose individual characters fairly leap off the page.’

‘This compelling debut novel kept me riveted from beginning to end.’

2011 ‘Released in February 2012The Fall will see Claire McGowan burst onto the crime-fiction scene with one of the strongest narratives in the entire genre.’ ‘A strong and compelling debut by an author who has set the bar high and is primed to do interesting things in the genre.’ ‘The story grabs you from the first page and won’t let go.  The writing is crisp and stylish and it is difficult to believe that this is the author’s first novel.  I believed in the characters from the start and wanted things to work out well for them….’ ‘McGowan’s writing style is very engaging. The reader may think they know what way the plot is heading but McGowan turns it around and hits the reader with something unexpected. The Fallheld my attention with its twists and turns….’ ‘This a brilliant debut novel by someone who may well give Martina Cole a run for her money.’

3 Responses to Reviews

  1. Paul J Williams says:

    What a truely believable excellent novel. It is one of only a few books where the author was writing from the heart and not just the head. This made the characters so realistic that you felt emotionally attached and genuinely concerned for their well-being and a happy ending. The devlopment of characters who are fiercely loyal individuals with a very strong moral compass and intestinal fortitude contrasted with ones who are blindly selfish on a personal and professional level reminds one of people they have met in life.

  2. Susan Senior says:

    Fingers sore from emailing ALL my friends about THE FALL. Told them that they MUST read it as it’s the best book I’ve read in ages. Loved the characters, agonised over their predicaments and will be waiting with bated breath for your next book. Hurry up Claire! You are like an exceptional red wine. Can’t get enough!

  3. Maureen Harkin says:

    Just finished devouring both “The Lost” and “The Fall” Well done. I look forward to becoming better acquainted with Paula Maguire in the future.

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