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Book Reviews-13-20 August

  Bring Up the Bodies, by Hilary Mantel To summarise the story, if that is the right word, Bring Up The Bodies takes us inside the head of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s low-born right-hand man, in the months leading up … Continue reading

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Bollocks, Bollox, or Bollix?

There’s an increasing tendency in the modern world to elide the details. Your/you’re and their/they’re/there foul-ups are now so common it’s bad form to even comment on them, even if it makes you do a little sick in your (see?) … Continue reading

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What I read this week (5-12 August)

Books! Books! Books! I need to get out more…. The Two, by Will Carver ‘I’ve come to know my mother a lot better over the past year, since she’s been dead’. With an opening worthy of Camus, The Two sweeps … Continue reading

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Book reviews – 3 August

Mercy, by Jussi Alder-Olsen A maverick Danish detective is asked to set up a new department looking into cold cases. Along with his mysterious Syrian assistant, he focuses on the disappearance of a rising female politician from several years before. … Continue reading

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