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Room for one more?

Come on in, the beer’s lovely Imagine a room that’s packed to capacity. Bodies pressed against the wall, drinks getting spilled, no room to wriggle through. Imagine everyone it is brilliant, fascinating, talented, and interesting. The air is thick with … Continue reading

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How to get published: Stand at the bar and smile

I’ve said this before, but a lot can change in a year. This time last summer I had a full-time job, was commuting three hours a day, and felt I was getting nowhere with my writing or my career in … Continue reading

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Whose genre is it anyway?

Or how to stop prevaricating and get published (part 1). We’re odd people, writers, aren’t we. We spend years writing a book, tearing it up, sticking it back together, and once it’s finally finished and we could send it out … Continue reading

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Competition Time

….Which, aficionados will know, is also the title of a Father Ted episode. I’ve blogged on here about how I think it’s possible to get published in a year. Believe me, I’m not the kind of peppy optimist you’d want … Continue reading

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